CompuNet Consulting Group provides 24 hour - 7 Days a week full array of network services to help you optimize your current IT environment, make confident decisions about computing technology, and achieve your business goals. We specialize in:

NETWORK CONSULTING: Local Area Networks (LAN), Multi-Site Wide Area Networks (WAN), Global Wide Area Networks, Multi-Company Network Integration, Firewall Solutions, VPN Technology, Cisco Switches  and Routers, and Hosting Solutions. 

BACKOFFICE CONSULTING: Windows Server, Exchange Server, Active Directory, SQL Server, RDS Server, Citrix Solutions, Back-Up Solutions, Symantec Security Solutions, Network Faxing, Internet/Intranet Services, and Security Issues. 

TECHNICAL CONSULTING: Network Design, Project Planning, Deployment Strategy, Trouble-Shooting, New Technology, Research, and Feasibility Studies. 

TELECOM CONSULTING: Traditional Phone Systems, Voice over IP Systems, AT&T Metro Ethernet High Speed Service, and  Internet Access Solutions. 

PHYSICAL CONSULTING: Office Relocation, Server Room Design, Cabling, Racks, Air Conditioning, and UPS Power Solutions. 

DISASTER RECOVERY CONSULTING: Documentation, System Audits, and Maintenance.

OUTSOURCING: Helpdesk and Total IT Department Outsourcing. 

EQUIPMENT SALES: Hardware and Software Sales.










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