Technical Consulting

Network Design
The design of a network can be the deciding factor between a successful business and one plagued by technological inefficiencies. CCGI's staff of experienced engineers can design a network that will keep your company running smoothly.

Project Planning
CCGI has the experience to implement a project from start to finish, meeting important goals and deadlines. When you're working with tight deadlines, CCGI will deliver accurately and on time.

Deployment Strategy
Working hand-in-hand with CCGI�s expertise in project planning, CCGI will work with you to determine accurate milestones for the deployment of your network, and ensure that those goals are met.

When you hire CCGI, you have instant access to the wide variety of experience and knowledge of our highly trained staff, as well as access to premier industry leaders, such as Microsoft, Cisco, HP, and many others.

New Technology Research
CCGI strives to keep on top of cutting edge technology, in order to ensure that you have the best tools available to suit your needs. For example, as a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, we receive beta copies of software prior to release, allowing us to do a thorough evaluation of new products before deploying them on your network.

Feasibility Studies
Many technology consultants will sell you the most expensive hardware and software without taking into account the needs of your business. At CCGI, we pride ourselves on finding the most cost effective but current solutions to your business needs that will carry you into the future without breaking the bank.



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