Network Consulting

Local Area Networks (LAN):
CCGI can help you build a network that will enable your company to grow with the ever changing trends in the technology arena. Whether starting from the ground up or upgrading and redesigning your current network, our depth and breadth of experience will carry your company into the future of networking.

Multi-Site Wide Area Networks (WAN):
If you are a small company looking to expand your network to additional sites, or a larger corporation that needs help upgrading or reconfiguring your existing remote offices, CCGI will design a custom technology solution to meet your needs. Our unique ability to offer our private AT&T Ethernet Service in the Atlanta Area at speeds up to 1GB between sites sets us apart from other solution providers.

Global Wide Area Networks:
CCGI's highly trained staff of engineers has experience in designing and implementing global wide area networks. At CCGI, we understand that it is essential for your network to meet the demands of high availability and minimum down time in order for your company to be successful in the global market.

Multi-Company Network Integration:
When expanding a company by acquisition, one of the biggest challenges is taking existing legacy systems and merging them into a successful enterprise solution. CCGI has the know-how to take make this difficult process as worry free as possible for all concerned.

Firewall Solutions:
CCGI recommends Cisco ASA Firewall solutions. We install and maintain dozens of installations of Cisco ASA Firewalls and VPN networks. Our vast experience in high-end Firewalls such as Nokia Check Point Firewall-1 systems will protect your network from the perils of doing business on the Internet.

VPN Technology:
In the ever evolving work environment, forward thinking corporations are looking for secure solutions for telecommuting or connecting remote offices. Let CCGI fulfill your VPN needs by providing a secure network environment for remote users.

Cisco Switches and Routers:
CCGI's Cisco certified staff of engineers are experienced in the implementation of high end Cisco Switches and Routers. By using Cisco routers for any WAN application, we will provide your enterprise with the highest quality of equipment and service. CCGI is a authorized Cisco Reseller and a Select Partner.

Hosting Services:
CCGI's Operates a fully redundant Network Operations center at our Alpharetta Facility. We offer a unique hosting environment with High Speed Internet access via AT&T Fiber network at speeds up to 1GB. Couple this with up to a 1GB Ethernet Fiber connection from our facility to your remote sites, we can offer a highly customizable unique hosting/WAN solution.



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