Telecom Consulting

Traditional Phone Systems & Voice over IP Systems
Often, a company needs to have a multitude of consultants in order to support the variety of systems within their enterprise. At CCGI, we are capable of handling not only your data, but your telecom needs as well. From maintaining or building a traditional phone system to state of the art Voice Over IP Systems, CCGI can offer you an end to end solution for all of your telephonic needs, without having to call in an army of consultants to achieve the same results.

Internet Access
Not sure what the difference is between a T-1 or DSL, or which would better fulfill your Internet Access needs? Let CCGI's consultants help you to determine the best way for your company to access the internet, based on a complete evaluation of your current connection requirements and future growth potential. The right amount of bandwidth is essential to ensuring your employees do not waste productive time waiting due to a slow connection.

AT&T Metro Ethernet Service
Need really high speed WAN access at a really affordable rates? Look no further than CCGI's private Metro Ethernet Service provided by AT&T. Connect your sites at speeds ranging from 10MB to 1GB. CCGI deploys the latest High Speed Network product from AT&T in a unique, secure, and highly stable environment. CCGI uses AT&T Premium Metro Ethernet service via a end-to-end fiber optic solution utilizing Cisco's secure VLAN protocols to separate and secure your WAN traffic.


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